Products & Solutions

Personal Page

Solution to create your own customizable personal internet page in a simple and easy way. The page has a customizable layout and the possibility of social network sharing, mobile and tablet compatibility and improper content report resource. A tool built for personal pages, service and product promotion pages or anything you desire.


Recruiter is a series of tools built especial for new client prospection. With easy to use resources and high performance results, this innovative solution allows you to engage new users in a faster way and have a better control of registration and contacts. The Recruiter offers promotional content and videos, being an automatized app where you can personalize it as you wish to work on your own.


People spend an average of 7h a day on their smartphones, 80% of that time on apps. And it is with modern and innovative apps that Wings will make a difference on your quality of life and work. Have the freedom to work anytime and anywhere, in a simple and fast way. Everyone can access the most innovative multilevel mobile online sales system.


Synchronize your contacts from your smartphone, Facebook and Gtalk and send instant messages with an integrated All-in-One system. Voice and Video group Calls and Instant messages, Record your calls and enjoy exclusive contents. You can use in smartphones and Tablets with IOS and Android. Simple and Intuitive interface.


WingsCloud will give you mobility, security, you will be able to make backups regularly. Access your files and schedule backups directly from your phone or tablet. Store your files in the cloud securely and quickly. Keep up to 40GB of space as your package.